Guru Rimpoche cone

This exclusive and high quality incense is a blend of 108 medicinal and aromatic herbs like Nutmeg, Giwang(Bezor), Sukmail, Clove, Safflower, Red and White sandalwood, Duruka, Tangkuen flower, Tsampaka flower and Rinchen Nge Nga(Five Precious Gems). The Composition of Guru Rinpoche Welcome Prayer Ceremony Incense is based on the legendary formulation prescribed by Guru Padmasambhava himself in the sacred Buddhist tantric text of Choeje Terkha. Offering of this highly valuable incense to Guru Rinpoche with utmost respect and true devotion will help to bring you good luck, peace, happiness, prosperity and harmony in present life, and intimately lead to the path of enlightenment to Zangtokpelri Zhingkham( The Land of Paradise-Eternal peace) ( Abode of Guru Rinpoche)

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