Riwo Sangchoe cone

Riwo Sangchoe offering benefits all sentient beings that are as vast as space. The smoke of precious fragrance offering made to the Three Jewels, all the protector deities, guest of three classes and spirits cleanses Karmic debt, averts temporary obstacles such as sickness and harmful influences, inauspicious dreams and all types of evil omens. Riwo Sangchoe offering practices help us to  accumulate merits, virtues and wisdoms. It completely removes the negative forces that obstructs spritual attainment, bring us temporary happiness and ultimate enlightenment.

Ingredients: tsan-dkar, tsan-dmar, mkhan-dkar, shug-pa, balu, stag-pa, spen-dkar, om-bu, sing-sna’i-rigs, bzang-po-drug, dru-nga, rinchen-inga, dri-nga, gu-gul and many other aromatic herbal ingredients.

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